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About Us

The team at Stud UKEuro could be said to be diverse, with a great depth of experience in Horsemanship and equine management both in and out of the saddle.

Running a successful equine enterprise is not all about sitting on horses and looking the part. That is the tip of the iceberg. The machine that powers a successful yard includes skills in business, finance, people management, sales, animal husbandry and land management. The people working directly for Stud UKEuro and associated professionals are all enthusiastic about the horse industry from the groom to the Vet. There is a continual program of encouraging all staff in advancing their skills in all areas of the business from flat work in sand school to marketing and sales skills through the internet and emails etc.

We have worked hard to bring all the best skills together, vets, blacksmiths, feed suppliers etc. For example we have studied the production and supply of haylage from local suppliers in order that we can receive consistent quality for all our stock through out the year. An occasional visit from a local equine muscle and skeletal specialist insures that any physical problems can be dealt with should they arise during competition, schooling or development. These things within the team coupled with a solid business plan and budgets for the future all come together to produce a sustainable equine enterprise.

Our team members

Sales and Schooling Enquiries
Caroline Phillips
07802 371 548

Stud Husbandry, Contract Work & AI
Rupert Phillips
07802 371 547

Office Administration & Livery Enquiries
Katie Phillips
01303 844000

Farm Staff
Will Greenwood (Scaf)

Meet the team

Caroline Training at Stud Ukeuro

Caroline Phillips

Caroline Phillips, is the full time working partner within Stud Ukeuro. Main decision maker and source of all knowledge. Her experience spans 35 years of handling horses and her natural talent and instincts when handling, schooling and nursing Horses is second to none. Caroline is Stud UKeuro.

T: 01303 844000   M: 07802 371548   E:


Rupert Phillips

Caroline's Husband & Business Partner. Enjoys the stock husbandry, breeding, Foaling and Stud Farm management. He is mainly office based but It is rumoured that he will ride if absolutely necessary and with out question on Christmas day.

T: 01303 844000   M: 07802 371547   E:

Scaf with John Deere

Will Greenwood alias "Scaf"

Will Greenwood.

Affectionately known as "Scaf" he has worked here since he left school 16 years ago. Living on the Farm in his teens and early twenties he has now settled down with a beautiful partner Claire in the village of Elham and has two growing sons Archie and Wilfred. Both of whom are very keen to jump on the Tractors and JCB.
He handles all  haylage, hay and straw enquiries and deliveries. Other work includes contract baling, hedge cutting, hay and haylage making, deliveries, lcal dung collections, maintainance and husbandry of paddocks and general agricultural work associated with a 120 horse stud farm.

He is developing our log trade locally and a keen designer of wine racks made from horse shoes, Oak and other hard wood. Please enquire if you ar interested in a horse shoe wine rack.

Call 07725 832447  for details of the above.

T: 01303840060   M: 07725832447   E:


Bridie Passmore

Bridie is Group Head of Finance handling the accounts for a number of other associate companies including Stud UK Euro LLP. She has been with us for 12 years, and is vital with regards to the back office and consequently the smooth running of the Stud and the Farm. She is very patient and has a cool head in times of chaos. A very valued member of the team.

T: 01303 844000   M: 07710973809   E: