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At Stud UK Euro we took the decision to start breeding on a commercial level in 2000, with twenty years knowledge of breeding on a small scale already under Carolines belt.

We had sourced a two year old colt from the Sire Parco, son of the famous Belgian stallion Darco, he was out of a Le Mexico mare with a thoroughbred grand sire named Acer xx. The colt's name was Branco Van Overis, he was grey and spent the next year in a field. In his third year he covered a jumping mare we had retired, called Adams Canasta, she is Selle Francaise breeding, he came from an introduction by Guy Williams to a Belgium breeder.

The result was that she gave birth to a grey colt the next year, we named him Maximus Uk. His breeding credentials are extremely good with bloodlines from Darco, Le Mexico, Galoubet & Ibrahim, his movement is excellent and his loose jump shows great techniuque.

Further projeny have included a large number of greys and almost 80% colts. In his fifth breeding season Branco covered 10 mares.

In 2004 with the help of a local investor we bought a further 4  world class brood mares broodmares.

In 2005 we produced a Grey Parco colt with a mother line which includes Concorde, Alme and Lugano Van le Roche he is now a yearling. We had a further two fillies one from the sire Unbelievable Darco standing at the Brendan Stud, the mare is Selle Francaise and the other filly is from a Zangersheide mare by the Sire Robin de Bruyere.

In 2006 we saw a filly from Adams Canasta by Branco, we named her Opium Europa UK and once again this mare and sire have combined to produce a very balanced foal who looks to have great potential for sale on the site now. We also bred two Darco colts both exceptional and looking very interesting, Navarro UK went on to become Belgium Champion four year old. We also used KANNAN DARCO and MASSIMO for AI.

Our broodmare Petri foaled in July 2006, she is a grey Holsteiner and carries the blood of Marco Polo, Lady Killer and Capitol, covered by Branco you can see their stunning Colt Barracuda UK sold in 2009, he is steel grey. Please click the links to see our foals, yearlings, 2 year olds, 3 year olds etc.

In 2007 we saw 10 mares foaling at Stud UK Euro, we have as I already mentioned used Branco Van Overis to sire a number. Other sires include Darco, Air Jordan Z, Cinquecento Z and Unbelievable Darco. We believe in using top breeding stock. This is tempered by the economics involved and for that reason we speculate using our own stallions.

In 2008 we have 13 mares to foal and plan to cover 22 mares for season 2009. Eleven are already covered. Four fantastic youngsters have arrived already by Branco with three colts and one filly.

We added another Stallion with a Le Mexico Dam by the Sire Nonstop (Belgian Ambassador) Ennio Van Overis, he has been graded with the European Studbook and has covered three of our mares successfully already for season 2009. He covered a further 1 mare in 2010 and has now been cut in order to concentrate on his jumping career. Summer 2010 he went for training in the Midlands with Mark Bunting. Nov 2010 Tommy Williams has taken Ennio as his competition prospect.

2009 saw 17 mares foal, 2010 saw 13 mares foal. These youngsters can all be seen on the website scrolling stock list.

We have carried out AI for the second year in 2010 we have used semen from Darco, Nonstop, Fierro, Flipper D'Elle, Cicero Van Pamael with success, Clintissimo Z has also been used.

We are excited to see what 2011 brings along, we are expecting 11 mares to foal.

2014 Branco is still running with our mares, we however no longer offer covering liveries. We can still offer foaling liveries though.


Our team members

Sales and Schooling Enquiries
Caroline Phillips
07802 371 548

Stud Husbandry, Contract Work & AI
Rupert Phillips
07802 371 547

Office Administration & Livery Enquiries
Katie Phillips
01303 844000

Farm Staff
Will Greenwood (Scaf)

Meet the team

Caroline Training at Stud Ukeuro

Caroline Phillips

Caroline Phillips, is the full time working partner within Stud Ukeuro. Main decision maker and source of all knowledge. Her experience spans 35 years of handling horses and her natural talent and instincts when handling, schooling and nursing Horses is second to none. Caroline is Stud UKeuro.

T: 01303 844000   M: 07802 371548   E:


Rupert Phillips

Caroline's Husband & Business Partner. Enjoys the stock husbandry, breeding, Foaling and Stud Farm management. He is mainly office based but It is rumoured that he will ride if absolutely necessary and with out question on Christmas day.

T: 01303 844000   M: 07802 371547   E:

Scaf with John Deere

Will Greenwood alias "Scaf"

Will Greenwood.

Affectionately known as "Scaf" he has worked here since he left school 16 years ago. Living on the Farm in his teens and early twenties he has now settled down with a beautiful partner Claire in the village of Elham and has two growing sons Archie and Wilfred. Both of whom are very keen to jump on the Tractors and JCB.
He handles all  haylage, hay and straw enquiries and deliveries. Other work includes contract baling, hedge cutting, hay and haylage making, deliveries, lcal dung collections, maintainance and husbandry of paddocks and general agricultural work associated with a 120 horse stud farm.

He is developing our log trade locally and a keen designer of wine racks made from horse shoes, Oak and other hard wood. Please enquire if you ar interested in a horse shoe wine rack.

Call 07725 832447  for details of the above.

T: 01303840060   M: 07725832447   E:


Bridie Passmore

Bridie is Group Head of Finance handling the accounts for a number of other associate companies including Stud UK Euro LLP. She has been with us for 12 years, and is vital with regards to the back office and consequently the smooth running of the Stud and the Farm. She is very patient and has a cool head in times of chaos. A very valued member of the team.

T: 01303 844000   M: 07710973809   E: